Rug Restoration: There Are Many Advantages

If you own a rug that is old and worn out, don't think this rug is destined for the trash. Instead, get help from our rug restoration experts. We have been repairing all types of rugs for years and our efficient and affordable restoration services are preferred by those who live in and around Irvington.
Our business has long been sought out by those who need carpet cleaning in Irvington, but now we are a top choice for those who need rug restoration services as well. Whether you need rug recoloring, rug reweaving, rug binding, rug fringing, or another kind of restoration service, our experts will help you through every step of the process so your rugs will look brand new.
We are able to bring your rug back to life.
To know more about the common rug restoration services we deliver, read through the sections below.


When Rug Recoloring Comes In Handy

Rug recoloring is often sought by those who want to get many years of use out of a single rug. While some rugs can look vibrant and beautiful for more than 100 years, most rugs don't enjoy such longevity, but this is fine because rug recoloring services exist.
Our recoloring experts have been performing this kind of work for years, and with them you never have to worry about dye running or a rug’s complex patterns being messed up. They are meticulous and detailed, and when they add color to your rug they will only improve it—never make it worse.

Why Area Rug Reweaving Is Necessary When Needed3

Area rugs aren't the only rugs that require reweaving. In fact, Persian and Oriental rugs require reweaving just as often because of the way they are designed.
Our experts can reweave any kind of rug. If your rug has been damaged by moths or other insects, then a reweaving service is probasly what you will need. This is rug restoration service will save you from having to replace an expensive rug.

Fast & Affordable Rug Binding Experts

When your rug has worn or frayed edges, it’s best to get a binding service from us as soon as you can. Our rug binding expertswe can bind your rug with either binding tape or a heavy duty sewing machine.
Our team provides the most efficient and affordable option for you, and we can bind a rug no matter how old it is. A complicated design will also not be a problem for our experienced rug restoration technicians.

Get Rug Fringing From Our Experts

Hand woven-rugs are another popular kind of rug, but sadly these rugs are prone to unraveling. For this reason, owners of hand-woven rugs often call us when they need rug fringing. We can fringe a rug efficiently and for an affordable price.